Chemistry is the study of chemical changes occurring inside and outside the matter. Today, we are living in a world that consists of matter in all phases. These phases interact with each other due to their physical and chemical nature and stature. Chemical aspects of a substance depend mainly on the type of atoms and the compounds from which these substances are made up or derived.

Therefore, while studying science, we mostly deal with the properties of matter that directly influence our life, e.g. bio-medicine, synthetic plastics, paints, varnishes, oils, detergents, polymers, meteors, plasma, etc. So, chemistry is called the “central science”.

It also connects various hands of science, like physics, biology, mathematics, geology, astronomy, environmental sciences. In fact, many sciences, somehow, at some stage need chemistry to understand the complexities of the chemical natures of substances they interact with.

If we sum up the achievements and advancements regarding science and technology, we can’t get our hands off from chemistry no matter what the field is. When the fire was being lit, during early days, for the first times using stones, the first time living beings started using the predator-prey relationship, including sensing pheromones, the first time life started fitting in this planet using homeostasis, the first time life started to grow, reproduce and nurture, the first time life became easier using herbal and hormonal tonics, the first time engines, turbines, and machines were built and were run using fuels, to today’s world where science has become an integral part of our lives, consisting of modern devices like flexible conductive membranes and sensors, the modern energy substitutes like nuclear energy, the advanced health conditions, the advanced research on micro-organisms, the breaking through research of other forms of life on this planet and others, the modern-day fighting arm equipment, the modern way of storage of food, we have come a long way to this phase where the most helpful partner in all of that was the “central science”, the “chemistry”.